Vital Statistics from Local Newspapers

Since our founding in 1972, Clark County Genealogical Society members have been preserving vital records from local newspapers. Many records from the beginning of the 20th century can be found in books in our Library, up to 2010. 2011 through 2020 have been digitized and can be viewed on Library computers.

All digital files are searchable, by pressing Ctl+F (Command+F on a Mac) from anywhere in the file. Many files also contain a listing of names, or an index, either at the beginning or at the end of the file. All listings and indexes are © Clark County Genealogical Society, and may not be downloaded, copied in whole, republished or entered into any other platform or searchable database without the express written consent of the Clark County Genealogical Society.

This is an on-going project. More records, including earlier ones, and more indexes will be added as they are completed.

Here are links to indexes of Deaths from Local Newspapers. The obituaries and notices are available at our Library. Members can request an email copy of an obituary. Please email gensoc (at) ccgs-wa (dot) org, with the name of the person, and the publication date, from the links below.

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