Clark County Genealogical Society Book Quilt

CCGS Book Quilt

Quilt Hanging – June 2020

Unique Quilt History

Inspired by a unique fundraiser quilt, at the Bandon Historical Society, Jane Germann proposed the idea for a hand-made quilt. This quilt would feature names of the generous supporters and donors of the Clark County Genealogical Society. Upon the board’s approval, the quilt fundraiser was started. Anyone who contributed could have their name, or honor an ancestor’s name, embroidered on this quilt.

What started as a fundraiser, the book quilt, quickly became an ongoing tradition to honor the Society’s supporters by adding more books and items with the donor’s name. The quilt grew and has now evolved into a breathtaking piece of art.

quilt made by the ccgs
The CCGS Quilt - February 2013

The Colf Family Foundation has been a large donor over the years and the ship was added in their honor. The society wanted to honor special groups and individuals, so various groups were honored with a block— Librarians, Tech Team, etc. Pat Bauer started taking donations from her classmates to honor people who had died in her class. The small “books” at the bottom of the quilt were individuals who have served at the society by volunteering in a large, consistent way. The founders were added as bricks on the center bottom of the quilt. The society had several big donors ($1000 plus) and the treasure chest was added. The Society started an annual campaign and honored those who gave $100 or more on a scroll and those who gave $1,000 or more were added to the covered wagon.

The book quilt is a symbol of the CCGS’s history, heritage, the wealth of knowledge, and gives a sense of connection to the names listed. It has gained much praise over the years and was even featured in the Columbian newspaper. With Pat Stephens and Lynda Brown’s contributions to the designs, Jane Germann is diligently constructing this quilt which is now an ongoing piece of art that will be forever displayed in the library.

We, at the CCGS, honor your substantial support and encourage you to come and see this beauty in real life. Come visit the library and check it out.

To contribute and have your name or a loved one’s names featured please contact us or use the form below to donate. We also have a Downloadable PDF Form available.

Book Quilt

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$50 for each book