Life Stories

A Life Story video is all about you and your family, going as far back in history as you can.  If you need help researching your family history, one of our librarians can help you with basic research.  We have a fee-based service for more in-depth assistance. It is advisable to do an outline or a small script, that you can use during the video to help keep you on track. Every member of Clark County Genealogical Society gets 20 minutes of video time and 2 photo inserts FREE as a membership benefit.  Videos can be shot on location or at the CCGS Library.  There is a fee for video productions over 20 minutes. To do a photo insert, first we photograph the family photo with a high-resolution camera and perform some photo restoration, if necessary, to prepare it for insertion into the video, which will be done in post production. All proceeds go to Clark County Genealogical Society.
  • 1 Hour of video time plus 4 photo inserts – $500.00
  • 2 Hours of video time plus 10 photo inserts – $1,000.00
  • Up to 5 Hours of video time plus 20 photo inserts – $2,500.00
For additional information, contact Stephen Young, Producer and Videographer through Clark County Genealogical Society.