Genealogical Scavenger Hunt

CCGS Summer Fundraiser

Spring 2022

Join the Hunts for Daily Prizes – All Participants Welcome

See the 2021 Scavenger Hunt Questions & Answers 

Five daily genealogical scavenger hunts (quizzes) begin Monday August 2. Each day you will be presented with seven questions about a historical figure from the United States (or American colonies) ranging from the 16th through the 20th century.

Each answer can be found online using free resources. The challenge of the genealogical scavenger hunt lies in digging up those answers from a wide variety of sources.

  • A link to the daily quiz questions will be emailed to each player not later than 9 pm the night before that quiz.
  • Players will follow the link, enter their registration code, answer the questions, give the source URLs used, then click the “Submit” button to enter the daily prize drawing.
  • Daily Prizes:  Players timely submitting the most correct answers will be eligible in a daily drawing for one daily prize.  A player may win only one daily prize during the week, but will still be eligible for the grand prize drawing.
  •  Grand Prize:  Players timely submitting the most correct answers for the 5 daily games will be eligible in the grand prize drawing.
  • Awarding Prizes:  Quiz Masters will notify winners via email prior to revealing all winners and awarding prizes on Saturday, August 7 at 3 pm in the CCGS Library.
  • Daily Hunt Answers:  Once collated, all five days of answers, reference URLs and any discussions will be made available via a CCGS website page link.

Suggested donation $10.00