Focus Groups

Special interest groups are free and open to members and non-members alike thanks to a sponsorship by CCGS. Please consider donating or becoming a CCGS member to help support these groups.

Always check the calendar for last-minute schedule changes. Contact us if you have any questions.

Unfocused Genealogy

1st Thursday - 1pm to 3pm

Lowell Kenedy

No special topic, just bring your research notes, questions, etc. to share with the group.

Legacy Users Group

1st Monday - 10:00am to 11:30am

Brian Runyan & Eric Jordahl

If you use Legacy Family Tree Software for tracking your genealogy research, this Legacy Users Group meets monthly to discuss tips, tricks and problems. You will always come away with some new ideas. Members and non-members are welcome.

Research Book Club

1st Monday - Noon to 2pm

Paula Schoenlein

Come join this intriguing and valuable group. We are expanding our knowledge of research books by tackling a chapter at a time. After reading a chapter we meet for review and discussion. Currently we are reading “Preserving Your Family Photographs” by Maureen A Taylor. Members, non-members, snackers and brown baggers are welcome. Contact Paula, “facilitator” at paulas (at) ccgswa (dot) org to request a Virtual Meeting invitation by email.

Family Foto Stories

2nd Saturday - 11am to 12:30 pm

Jerry Smith and Marcia Grubb

Focus Group meets on the second Saturday each month at 11:00 a.m. in the library.

  • Preserving Family Photos
  • Sharing Family Stories
  • Exploring practical and technical knowledge

Travel Research Prep

3rd Monday - 10am to noon

Paula Schoenlein

Group discussions on the many ways to prepare yourself for a research trip. The words “Know before you go” fits this group as preplanning is essential to get the most from research travel. Join us, share ideas and get ready for your next genealogy adventure no matter how big or small. Contact Paula, at paulas (at) ccgswa (dot) org for more information.

Scandinavian Group

2nd Tuesday - 2pm to 3:30pm

Richard Engstrom

Scandinavian family research is unique as well as rewarding. During meetings, group members often share travel experiences and future travel tips. It’s a lively and well-attended focus group.

Research and Preservation

3rd Thursday - 10:30am to 2:30pm

Sharon Thiesmeyer

Currently this group is unable to meet virtually, but it has been a long-term and valuable task-oriented group that has located and preserved numerous kinds of Clark County historically relevant documents. If you are interested in preserving today’s obituary records for future researchers, Research and Preservation needs you!

CCGS Craft Clan

4th Saturday - 10am to 3pm
on hiatus until August 26th

Marcia Grubb

Join us for arts/crafts activities while connecting with and understanding current and past family creative traditions. Scrapbooking is a favorite topic and we discuss ways to archive family photos and artifacts. This last year we have been exploring water color techniques as well.  CCGS Craft Clan is on Facebook.  Email 

Family Tree Maker User Group

3rd Monday - 12:00pm

Sheree' Belanger

This group is for users of the Family Tree Maker (FTM) software. Family Tree Maker software resides on your computer and is an excellent way to keep track of your family history research. We will learn how to use the software, presentations and hands-on demonstrations. We meet at the Clark County Genealogy Society library the 3rd Monday of the month at noon.  Contact Sheree’ Belanger at shereebelanger (at) hotmail (dot) com with the words CCGS FTM in the subject.



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