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Tuesday, August 31st, 2021, 10:00 - Noon In person and live streaming

Tary in the Cemetery?

You Could Dig Up Some Fun Stories

Presented by Richard Engstrom and Kathleen Geyer

Vancouver’s Old City Cemetery can boost you research in more ways than just the what’s on the stones. While updating Old City Cemetery records, we have discovered many instances where resources from our CCGS library holdings have given us a more complete picture of the lives of those buried there.  For example: by using marriage records, we have discovered (so far) nine marriages for one woman; by cross referencing death dates to historical events, we discovered that an entire family perished in the 1902 Yacolt fire.   CCGS has marriage records, newspaper obituaries, funeral home records, and many others that have been critical to fill in the dash between those birth and death dates that are “carved in stone”.

Richard Engstrom is a fourth generation Clark County resident and long-time member of CCGS. He has near-encyclopedic knowledge of the numerous pioneer cemeteries and is dedicated to the preservation of the histories they contain.

Kathy Geyer is also a long-time member of CCGS.  She has been helping update the records for Vancouver’s Old City Cemetery and enjoying learning about Clark County history one person at time.