Clark County Genealogical Society

3205 NE 52nd Street,Vancouver, WA 98663

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Washington State Department of Health

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The Clark County Genealogical Society (CCGS) has a volunteer staff that will search CCGS published publications for any surname you are interested in for a nominal donation of $10.00 which will include up to one hour's research and up to 10 photocopies of information. 

Please send your letter or a copy of the Research Form along with a business size stamped, self-addressed envelope and your $10.00 donation. The Research Form lists the publications published by CCGS that can be searched. Mail to:

Research Correspondent,

Clark County Genealogical Society,

Attn: Alice Allen

3205 NE 52nd Street, Vancouver, WA 98663.

For further information on research by the CCGS Research Committee, please contact

Research Correspondent: Alice Allen

Or consider hiring a 

Genealogical Researcher