Meetings and Programs Planned by CCGS

General Meeting

Tuesday, April 28, 7:00 PM
CCGS Education Hall, 715 Grand Blvd., Vancouver

Author and genealogist Stephen Hanks will be our speaker. Author's message: "I am a fellow genealogist...and spent over 10 years tracing my paternal African American family line. Subsequently I wrote a book about my findings, which took me thru several State archives and finally to the year 1735 in Westmoreland County, Virginia, where I learned an ancestor's name and tribe....the book, entitled Akee Tree, A Descendant's Quest For His Slave Ancestors on the Eskridge Plantations , is written in the form of a narrative, so the reader...can experience the 'feel of the hunt,' and can follow along with me as to what methodology and records I utilized."

Everyone is invited to the CCGS General Meeting.

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Map showing location of CCGS Library.