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Annual SLC Trip

Clark County Genealogical Society has announced that it will be unable to organize a fall trip to the Family History Library this year. But we encourage all family researchers to make the visit whenever it is possible. If you go well prepared, you will have a memorable experience.

CCGS member Joy Kersteter is going to the Family History Library in Salt Lake City this fall. Joy booked her trip back in June when air fares were "super cheap". She has decided to stay at the Plaza Hotel which she likes because it is close to the library and she can avoid the long six block walk from the Carlton Hotel where the fall CCGS trip members have customarily stayed.

Joy plans to be at SLC September 26 through October 3. The library closes early on Saturday, Sept 28 (5:00 pm). She reports that the Family History Library is closed Saturday, October 6, and the Plaza has no rooms for October 4 and 5.

Joy says "If anyone else is going around that time I'd love to meet up for breakfasts or dinners, etc."

Family History Library website Check here for tips on visiting and using the LDS library in Salt Lake City.

There are a number of hotels in Salt Lake City. Here is a list: SLC Hotels Or search for "Hotels near Family Search Library" in your favorite search engine.

Here are two hotels that our members have used before.

Link to Carlton Hotel website

Link to Plaza Hotel website

For more information on our next trip, please contact:
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Last modified on Monday, July 29, 2013