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The sites listed below that are FREE are marked.
Others are on which requires a subscription fee.

Tennessee Marriages to 1825

Tennessee Marriages - 1851-1900

Texas Births - 1926-1995

Texas Deaths - 1964-1998

Texas Marriages to 1850

Texas Marriages - 1851-1900

Texas Probate Records

Vermont Deaths - 1989-1996

Virginia Marriages before 1824

Virginia Marriages to 1800

Virginia Marriages - 1740-1850

Virginia Marriages - 1851-1900

Virginia Marriages - 1851-1929

Washington - Clark County
Some searchable records for Clark County are available here! For marriages,
put the man's name as Grantor and the woman's name as Grantee.

Washington - early births

Many errors in this searchable index but it still
might be useful.
Many of the listings are dates in the very late 1900s which is in error.
These probably should be the late 1800s.

Washington State deaths
This index is supposedly from 1940 to 1965. It does contain deaths
during that time but also later, even in the 1990s!
You must be an Ancestry subscriber to view it.

Washington State Death Index

Located on, this index covers 1907 to 1960. It's searchable and FREE!

West Virginia Births, Deaths, Marriages
Some actual certificates are available here.

Wisconsin Births pre-1907 (FREE)
The other files below are on Ancestry and they are NOT free!

Wisconsin Deaths 1820-1907

Wisconsin Marriages 1835-1900

Wisconsin Marriages pre-1907

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