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Fred Meyer Award Program

Hello, Fellow CCGS members. I am pleased to announce that Clark County Genealogical Society has been successfully enrolled in the Fred Meyer Community Rewards Program. This is great news for us! Several years ago Fred Meyer modified their charitable giving program so more non-profit groups like ours could participate. If you have a Fred Meyer Rewards Card you may designate CCGS to receive a quarterly check based on our purchases at Fred Meyer. Just sign up by going to and

That's it! Now every time you purchase something at Fred Meyer and swipe your Rewards Card, CCGS will receive money! Don't worry. Your Rewards Points, Fuel Points and Rebates will not be reduced one penny. There are some purchases that don't count: Prescriptions, Tobacco, stamps, gift cards stuff like that. But most purchases will earn money for CCGS. You can get more information by visiting

Thanks for your consideration,
Brian Runyan, President
Clark County Genealogical Society

Ps. If you don't have a Fred Meyer Rewards Card, get one! And sign up.

Ps. CCGS has been participating in the Fred Meyer Community Rewards Program for six months now and Fred Meyer has contributed more than $200 to our organization . . all at no cost to any of our members that have signed up. We currently have 23 members participating. Imagine how much money Fred Meyer would be able contribute if more than 7% of our members signed up! I encourage everyone to consider this opportunity. Above is the announcement that has been running on our Society web page. Please consider enrolling and support CCGS!

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