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Welcome to the Clark County Genealogical Society. The CCGS was founded by Margaretta Zimmerman and fourteen of her friends in 1972, and is a volunteer run organization dedicated to encourage, foster, educate, and organize activities related to genealogy. Whether you have Clark County connections or not, we invite you to join us in exploring your family history.

June General Meeting

Genealogical Databases at CCGS Library

American Ancestors

American Ancestors provides access to more than 1.4 billion records spanning twenty-two countries covering the United States, the British Isles, continental Europe and more. Including early American genealogical records, published genealogical research journals and magazines, and U.S. Catholic records.

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Ancestry Library Edition

Ancestry Library Edition delivers billions of records in census data, vital records, photos, and more from countries all over the world

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What's New

Request from CCGS President

There are many places CCGS uses to communicate with you, our members, and with the genealogical community at large. Some of these venues are, seemingly, more effective than others. We are forming a small focus group of interested members to take a quick look at where and how we communicate and how well we market ourselves. This will be a short-lived, goal oriented group with the express goal of determining how we can communicate more effectively. If you have some experience/expertise in group communication and/or marketing and would be willing to invest a couple of hours every other week for a total of three meetings please contact Thanks for your consideration.

Spring Class Schedule
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General Meeting
June 27, 2017, 6pm-9pm
CCGS Potluck and Officer Installation

Join us for the festivities: Officer installation; Potluck and sharing family stories
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Did You Know?
CCGS sponsors free group viewing of Legacy Family Tree Webinars (web-based seminars on genealogical topics.) Check the schedule at the Legacy Webinar website or on the CCGS Events calendar and join us at 715 Grand Blvd.
The CCGS library now has free access to the library edition of

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