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Welcome to the Clark County Genealogical Society. The CCGS was founded by Margaretta Zimmerman and fourteen of her friends in 1972, and is a volunteer run organization dedicated to encourage, foster, educate, and organize activities related to genealogy. Whether you have Clark County connections or not, we invite you to join us in exploring your family history.

Important Notice for CCGS Members

Due to increasing costs the CCGS Board of Directors is recommending an increase to the annual dues of $5. We recommend the membership approve this increase to take effect when individual and joint memberships are renewed. New members would pay the new rate of $35 for individual and $45 for joint memberships beginning 1 July 2017. Voting on this proposed dues increase will take place at the March 28th General Meeting.

Weather Events and the CCGS Library

As a general rule, if Vancouver schools are closed due to weather, you may assume that the CCGS library is also closed. Otherwise if weather is threatening, please call 360-750-5688 to confirm that we are open (some librarians may live in outlying areas.)

What's New

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General Meeting

February 28, 2017, 10am-12n.
Zita Podany -- Vanport Flood

Zita is a longtime Portland resident who published a book on the Vanport Flood in 2016 (Arcadia Publishing.) Vanport, a city of 40,000 disappeared in a flood in 1948.
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Did You Know?
CCGS sponsors free group viewing of Legacy Family Tree Webinars (web-based seminars on genealogical topics.) Check the schedule at the Legacy Webinar website or on the CCGS Events calendar and join us at 715 Grand Blvd.
The CCGS library now has free access to the library edition of

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